Thank you for stopping by, here's a quick glimpse at what happens in the studio:

<> Shop Updates occur twice a month (or more if I am crushing it ;) )

<> I will announce the shop update time and date with sneak peeks in Newsletters (subscribe here)

<> New releases will also be featured on instagram. Follow me!

<> Newsletter Subscribers will receive *early* access so get on that list!

<> At the announced time about 10-20 new pieces will go live on the site

<> I can be found at many maker markets across LA, so be sure to check out my event list (here)

<> Pieces can sell quick, so if there's something you have your eye on, be sure to snag it. Pieces that feature stones are one-of-a-kind and cannot be duplicated

<> If you are interested in a custom piece (my designs only, with stones that I already have) you can reach out via email to mntnmeadowcoll@gmail.com

<> I often share sneak peeks of pieces on my story and feed, if you see something that you MUST have you are welcome to reach out via DM to see if its available for early claim



Resizing: Some rings can be sized up about half a size, please inquire before purchasing to ensure it can be done. If it has a band that can be sized up the band will have a hammered texture. Rings cannot be sized down

Gold Rings: I currently do not create full gold settings. If a ring has a gold band it is mixed metal, meaning the setting is sterling silver and only the band is gold.

Customs: I do accept customs. I offer customs in my designs and with the stones I currently have in stock. Shopping for stones that I do not currently have can take months to find, so much time can be spent researching reputable stone sellers and since this is a one woman ran shop I do not have the bandwidth to spend hours on this task.

With that said I often have new stones coming in on a monthly basis- so please feel free to inquire.

My designs can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and in the Archive section on this website.

I do not work with Diamonds.

Stones currently on hand: Turquoise, White Buffalo, Wild Horse, Fire Opal, Moonstone, Jaspers, Amber, Labradorite, Larimar, Emerald, Amethyst, Jade (tiny), Aquamarine, Lapis, Apatite


Getting in touch: Email is best! mntnmeadowcoll@gmail.com

Messages sent through Facebook or IG often get overlooked and missed. I receive an overwhelming amount of notifications, if you're needing something answered in a timely matter, just email. Your patience is appreciated.