Made by Madelyn

Since stepping off trail in 2019 (a 6 month thru hike across the country), I've been on a forever quest of capturing the Magic of the Meadows. Whether it be through sewing, watercolor and now silversmithing I reflect on my days and nights spent in the wilderness of Mountainous West.

At Mountain Meadow Jewelry Co, Madelyn designs and creates jewelry that beautifully blends nature's tranquility with the vibrant colors from the meadows to the mountains, creating a unique collection that resonates with those who crave adventure and individuality.

Designs inspired by the PCT

Many of the items in which I replicate a particular design using a range of gemstones are given names that pay homage to different sections of the Trail. Featured here are the "Sonora" rings, a design that draws its inspiration from the breathtaking sunrise experienced at Sonora Pass in Northern California along the Pacific Crest Trail.

To create, is to love

"Everyday I am truly astonished to be able to create the lovely pieces you see here. The fact that I can take sterling silver raw materials (sheet metal, wire, and solder) and bend, cut, file, and even melt to make it into heirloom jewelry, is truly magical. Take Mountain Meadow Collection with you on your journey to find magic in your everyday life."

Your support is priceless.

Running a small business is extremely taxing (I LOVE doing this though). I work and work and only get paid if I can successfully create something YOU want to spend your hard earned money on. I just want to say thank you for stopping by. My promise to you is your purchase is not just a transaction, it is an investment.

Our relationship does not end with a tracking number, it only just begins. Each piece carries a part of me: my time, emotions, fingerprints, etc. I want you to be 100% satisfied with my work- please feel free to reach out if you have any concerns. I offer an exchange/return program that is NOT one size fits all. If you have any inclination to reach out, please do so! And of course I'd love to see my work in the wild- send me a photo every now and again, or tag me on social media!

love & light, Madelyn

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