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Turquoise and Opal "Rae Lakes" Pendant

Turquoise and Opal "Rae Lakes" Pendant

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As shown in a recent reel on Instagram, I played with this design for a reallllly long time. At first it was calling to be a cuff, but I had a lot of feedback requesting it to be a pendant, and then it was like "YES, make me into a pendant." The idea quickly came to be, and I am quite smitten with this gorgeous piece. I hope you love it as well. 

The stones feature White Buffalo in the middle, with four Lone Mountain triangular stones, with the middle accent stone a Coober Peddy Opal from Australia. It is SO hard to capture flash in this opal, it is just one of those pieces you gotta see in person. The White Buffalo features three hand stamped "sunrise" elements and a ball detail separates the stones and stamps.

The pendant hangs on a 20" large paperclip chain, gah the details here are just *chefs kiss*

Wear it with a low or high neck, shoot, PLEASE wear it with a grunge or tie-dye tee. The paperclip chain makes it super easy to wear at shorter lengths, just clip onto any link.

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