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Klamath Dangles

Klamath Dangles

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These "huggy" hoops are officially my favorite piece of hardware to incorporate in my earring creations.

The back flicks open exposing the ear post, and then they click closed. Very comfortable and secure.

These 6 stone dangles include so many shades of green, with a bright blue Kingman Turquoise in the lower middle. The weight is not noticeable in my sensitive lobes, but they certainly are not the lightest.

Stones are mostly Sonoran Gold Turquoise, and Kingman Turquoise.

Sterling Silver


After my 6 month thru hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, Mountain Meadow came to fruition. I spend my days (and nights) working in my studio creating sterling silver jewelry pieces and leather bags. Each design is named after a meaningful place or experience during my adventure out west.

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